Business Advisory Services

  1. Designing of Costing system, its development and installation.
  2. Periodic Review and Modification of the Existing Systems and Procedures in Operation.
  3. Designing of Costing Manual as per business requirement.
  4. Determination of product cost and sale price.
  5. Advisory on product mix decision and price fixation.
  6. Cost control and Analysis, Cost reduction and Total cost management.
  7. Developing & implementing Management Accounting System and other management decision making tools.
  8. Identification of optimum level of inventories to reduce cost impact.
  9. Preparation of project reports and valuation of assets.
  10. Physical verification of Fixed Assets and preparation of Fixed Assets Report (FAR).
  11. Analysis of Capacity Utilization and Input-Output ratio/BOM.
  12. Preparation of cost accounting records/MIS reports - Statutory and Voluntary.
  13. Management Consultancy on various Issues.
  14. Business setup services.