Other Services


As we are dedicated professional team, you can rely on us for any certification and its authorisation. Certificate provided by us are-

  1. Certificate for Cost of Production- CAS-4.
  2. Certificate required under GST.
  3. Issuance of compliance certificate.
  4. Certificates related to Anti-Dumping.
  5. Certificate for Exports.
  6. Statutory Certificate as required.

Many times lack of proper documentation or record can prove to be very costly for a company. Our outsourced secretarial services ensure that companies comply with all legal requirements relating to the Companies Act so that the companies are always on the right side of the law. Our services include:

  1. Incorporation services:   We provide services in respect of incorporation of domestic companies, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, LLP’s, JV’s, Branch and Liaison offices.
  2. Compliance services:   Preparation of statutory records and registers under the Companies Act, filing of documents with the RBI under FEMA.
  3. Advisory: Providing opinions on matters related to Companies Act and FEMA.
  4. Outbound Investment related services : The firm also assist Indian companies in setting up JVs/ subsidiaries outside India.

As today, outsourcing has become the better choice as it helps the organisation in cost cutting and the services provide in outsourcing is way better. So, we are here for you to take your burden of accounts work. As we will help you by providing excellent accounting advice.

How Accounts Outsourcing will be cost effective?

It is cost effective in a way that if you employee an in-house bookkeeper which will be very expensive as its cost not just include salary but also some additional direct costs like employee payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, medical insurance, retirement plans and other benefits. And there will be other indirect costs such as recruitment related costs - ads, interview and training an employee. But we will give you the flexible and adjusted level of service to meets the business needs.